Race Details


Day One: Dead Mountain Ascent

September 7, 2018, 12.4 miles, 2,650 ft Elevation Gain

This race will start at the bottom of Flat Creek Trailhead. The race will start at 1,300 feet in elevation will climb steadily until you reach 3,743 feet in elevation. The first small section will be flat before you start the ascent on the mountain. At the summit, you will run on a gravel road and will descend before hitting the trailhead again and descending the rest of the way. There will be aid stations at the first road crossing at 4.5 miles, which you will pass twice, and the summit of Dead Mountain at 6.2 miles, for a total of three possible fill-up stations.

Directions: Once you hit Oakridge coming from Eugene continue on Highway 58. You will take a left at the stoplight by Ray’s Grocery Store. After the bridge, take a right and follow until you see the Salmon Creek Falls park sign. Approximately one mile from downtown Oakridge.

47997 West 1st Street, Oakridge, Oregon 97463

Alpine Ascent Day One

Day Two: Alpine Ascent

September 8, 2018, 12.4 miles, 2,700 ft Elevation Gain

Starting near the Westfir Covered Bridge, just before the trailhead, this out and back  race begins at 1,050 feet in elevation and will climb to 3,385 feet at the highest point. Nearly all of the race is a single-track trail with a section of gravel road near the top. There will be aid stations after the first summit at 1.6 miles, one at 3.4 miles on a road crossing and the final aid station at the turnaround mark at 6.5 miles in a green pasture. You will revisit the other two aid stations again on the way back down. You will feel the burn with this race as it features 2,700 feet of total elevation gain. Drinks and snacks will be available once you finish the race.

Directions: From Eugene: Head south on I5 until you get to the Highway 58 exit. Take the Highway 58 Exit. You will be on Highway 58 for approximately 30 miles. Take the Westfir cut off on your left. Take your next left toward Westfir and cross the Westfir Covered Bridge. Parking available in the park.

Westfir Covered Bridge, Willamette National Forest, Westfir, Oregon 97492

Day Three: Larison Rock Ascent

September 9, 2018, 11 miles, 2,600 ft Elevation Gain

The third race of this series will start at Greenwaters Park. You will take a right over the bridge and run on the Greenwaters trail for about a half mile when you will turn right on a gravel road. After a short distance on the gravel, you will see the Larison Rock Trailhead on your left. This trail gradually climbs for another 3.8 miles until you hit a road crossing. At this point (5.2 miles) you will hit your first aid station. You will then proceed to run another .7 miles to the summit of Larison Rock at 3,593 feet in elevation. You will touch the rock at the summit and start making the descend down. Once you run back down to the road crossing and the aid station you will take a right onto the paved road. You will run on this road for .5 miles to the turnaround then you will run back up the road and back onto the trail where you will make the final descent back to Greenwaters Park.

This race features a spectacular view at the top of Larison Rock, as well as over 2,600 feet of elevation gain. You will hit one aid station three different times. After your race, make sure to reward yourself with a cold beverage, food, and fun!

Directions: From Eugene: Head on I5 South. Take Highway 58 Exit Toward Oakridge. Continue east on Highway 58 through the town of Oakridge. Take a right at the Greenwaters Park sign just east of Oakridge. Parking available in the park.

48362 Highway 58, Oakridge, Oregon 97463

5k Race: This will be a very flat looped trail race around GreenWaters park and the connecting trail to Larison Rock. There will be no aid stations for this race. 1st place male/female will receive a customized medal.

1 Mile Fun Trail Run (12 years and younger): This is a free event for anyone who is 12 and younger. This will be a very flat one loop course around GreenWaters Park and the connecting trail to Larison Rock. 1st place boy/girl will receive a customized medal.